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Access to the labour market offers great potential for vulnerable social groups to effectively integrate into their community and to contribute as active parts to its economy. Recent initiatives focus especially on the field of social entrepreneurship and circular economy with the idea in mind that initiatives can develop solutions for social, cultural, and environmental challenges.

This module aspires to highlight these concepts from two perspectives:

  1. In what way social entrepreneurship provides vulnerable groups with the opportunity to effectively integrate into the labour market and in society.
  2. In what way social entrepreneurship offers the chance to vulnerable groups to participate equally in actions with a particular focus on social innovation.

During this course, the involved partners will investigate the various effects vulnerable groups can have on, social enterprises, circular economy, innovative and green practices, and initiatives and vice versa.

The leader of this module and the participants are committed to design and develop a module of approximately 42 teaching hours, to pilot this course as an elective to currently enrolled master students and to ensure an effective evaluation in light of the coherence of the final common master curriculum.

IO3 BOOK: SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND VULNERABLE SOCIAL GROUPS, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Press (ISBN 978-960-466-282-1)